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Better Technology for Reliable Drug Development

CREATING BETTER TECHNOLOGY FOR RELIABLE DRUG DEVELOPMENT STUDIES Changing drug development as we know it Genoskin aims to change drug development technology as we know it. We combine artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology with live ex vivo human tissue to efficiently help pharmaceutical and biotech companies develop new drugs and vaccines in a better, faster and more cost-efficient way. And
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Using NativeSkin® to study poison ivy-induced dermatitis

Using NativeSkin® to evaluate poison ivy effects  A couple of months ago, Genoskin’s team started to wonder: “Why not try to better understand poison ivy dermatitis through our NativeSkin® model ?” In this article, we summarize information about what is known regarding the poison ivy reaction and what happens on a macroscopic level when poison ivy toxin is applied to
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Top things found in human skin!

Top things found in human skin (vs in reconstructed human skin models) Skin is our largest organ (2m2). Since the skin is a mandatory test organ for regulatory agencies, every single drug in development needs to be tested for potential skin toxicity. Today, efficacy and safety studies are performed either on animal skin, reconstructed skin, or ex vivo human skin.
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Brand new sustainable and user-friendly packaging!

Brand new sustainable and user-friendly packaging! After months of reflection, design trials, and careful sourcing, Genoskin is proud to reveal its brand new packaging. Thanks to Marta Wolska-Brys (Packaging & Beyond, LLC) and her expert support we designed our dream packaging. You will soon get to see it in your labs! It’s awesome! We designed this new packaging with your
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Genoskin supports CoViD19 research!

Genoskin COVID-19 research preferred access program On Friday, March 13th 2020, Genoskin launched a preferred access program for all research teams actively developing therapeutic and vaccine technologies for the COVID-19 pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared on March 11th, the outbreak of COVID-19 a pandemic. The disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 has spread globally. Over 130,000 individuals are affected so

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US Patent for human skin models

Genoskin obtains US patent for skin models Genoskin is pleased to announce the approval of a US patent for our “system for the maintenance and survival of skin biopsies in transport and its applications”. The patent describes our method to transform human skin biopsies in ready-to-use and functional ex vivo skin models. The human skin biopsies that are used in our models

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