Careers at Genoskin

Create the next generation of human skin models and assays

Genoskin empowers the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, and cosmetic industry to generate relevant human clinical data earlier, faster and repeatedly through ready-to-use living human skin assays.

Our technology aims to accelerate innovation by allowing earlier access to clinical human skin data and by de-risking clinical trials.

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Experts in human skin research

Genoskin is developing fast. We’re always excited to discover what innovative ideas you could bring to our team.

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Genoskin is banking on the next generation! Our managers will be happy to share their skills and knowledge to give your career a great start.

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Be at the edge of innovation

A team of highly skilled specialists

Our team of skin experts is dedicated to innovation and high-quality production.

Cutting-edge facilities

Our facilities include biosafety level two cell culture rooms. Our research platform with hi-tech tools empowers our team to make science move forward.

What can you expect?

Brilliant and passionate people

Cutting-edge technology

Fast developing company

Dynamic and collaborative environment

Endless challenges