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In Toulouse, France

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Toulouse, France & Salem, MA, USA


34% hold a PhD


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Genoskin uses donated human skin samples that are kept alive to generate first-in-human clinical data in order to help researchers, pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetic companies de-risk drug & compound development. Genoskin’s live human skin models are immunocompetent and allow testing topical and systemic administrations as well as subcutaneous injections to characterize human skin reactions and immune response under multiple conditions.

The entire Genoskin team follows strict regulatory guidelines to comply with all applicable ethical and quality regulations. All Genoskin procedures and processes are ISO9001-certified.

Executive management team

Pascal Descargues CEO

Pascal Descargues

Chief Executive Officer

Claire Jardet COO

Claire Jardet

Chief Operations Officer

Nicolas Gaudenzio CSO

Nicolas Gaudenzio

Chief Scientific Officer

Eric Merle CBIO

Eric Merle

Chief Business Innovation Officer

Frederick Roques CFO

Frederick Roques

Chief Financial Officer

Vicky Tourte BW

Vicky Tourte

HR & Admin Director

Anna Falkovsky

Vice President of Sales

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