Nativeskin access® live human skin models

Available for shipment across the world

The NativeSkin access® live human skin model

Get first-in-human data in your own lab

NativeSkin access® is Genoskin’s only live human skin model that is available for shipment across the world. NativeSkin access® models have the same characteristics as NativeSkin® models. They are round human skin biopsies embedded in a patented matrix that keeps them alive. NativeSkin access® models help you save time and money: they are designed to simplify the culture, treatment and manipulation of human skin for research and analysis and help you obtain first-in-human data for your drug, compound or cosmetic.


NativeSkin® access models are standardized for reproducible research on real, live human epidermis and dermis.


The models are animal-free and hold the features and functionalities of in vivo human skin, with all cells and appendages.


NativeSkin® access can be ordered online as a ready-to-use kit. It is possible to select your week of delivery, sample size and donor age.

On Demand

NativeSkin access® skin models can be ordered online and shipped across the world to help you conduct in-house studies.

Ethical compliance & sourcing procedures

Legal authorizations from French & US official authorities
Approved by the Ethical Committees
Informed Consent from every donor
Secure agreements with contributing hospitals and clinics in France and in the US
Real human epidermis & dermis with all skin cells, appendages and characteristics
Maintained skin barrier function, tissue integrity, morphology and physiology
Live human skin response to your compound, drug or cosmetic
Ready to use and easy to manipulate for efficient assays
Standardized production for reproducible results
Donor information on age, gender, skin type, allergies, skin conditions and specific dermatological treatments
Safety tested for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV 1 & 2

Unique human data in your own lab

Live human skin response made easy

The presence of real human epidermis and dermis in the Nativeskin access® model allows for both topical and systemic treatments. You can either add your compound directly to the culture medium to simulate systemic administration or apply it directly on the upper skin layer to simulate topical application. Whichever method you choose, administration can be repeated as often as required and for as long as the model remains viable to study skin response at different doses and/or intervals.

Systemic administration

Topical application

A wide range of applications

Pick the right method to assess your drug, cosmetic or medical device

The NativeSkin access® model is suitable for a wide range of applications including preclinical efficacy and toxicity studies as well as cosmetic claim substantiation. The model is frequently used to evaluate all kinds of compounds, active ingredients and finished products, such as creams, lotions, gels… as well as medical devices, such as microneedle array patches (MAPs).

Cosmetic claims

Studies on cosmetic & aesthetic claims

Skin delivery

Topical absorption & effects on skin metabolism


Compound toxicity & effects on barrier function

Wound healing

Wound healing properties & microbial colonisation

Skin microbiome*

Effects on the skin microbiome & microbial colonization

*Should you wish to use NativeSkin access® for studies on skin microbiome, please contact us and let us know prior to ordering, as this requires special preparation.

Approved study protocols

How to analyze effects after applying your compound

  • Viability assay (MTT/WST-8)
  • Formalin fixation for paraffin embedding
  • OCT fixation and cryosectioning

  • Epidermal separation (with Dispase and heat-mediated)
  • H&E staining
  • Fontana Masson staining
  • Lucifer Yellow penetration

  • Human keratinocyte primary culture
  • RNA extraction
  • Immunofluorescence staining

Interested in learning more about these protocols?

Download them all for free and get your study started!

Different sizes & versions to fit all your studies

Choose the right size for your project

Standard NativeSkin access® models are designed for skin absorption studies: they contain a white silicone ring that is firmly fixed to the skin biopsy. This silicone ring covers the outer edge of the biopsy to prevent lateral diffusion of topically applied products. A smaller version without silicone ring is also available and designed for systemic treatments and genomic readouts. Below you will find an overview of our entire range of NativeSkin access® products.

Reference Description Working surface Diameter Recommended topical volume ex vivo culture duration Plate format Required volume Minimum order
NSA08 NativeSkin access (w/o silicone ring) 8 mm 7 days 12 wells 1mL n.a.
NSA11 NativeSkin access 0.5 cm2 11 mm 10-20uL 7 days 12 wells 1mL n.a.
NSA20 NativeSkin access Large 1.76 cm2 20 mm 50-70uL 7 days 6 wells 2mL n.a.

Not sure which version or size you need?

Our experts are here help you out. Don’t hesitate to contact us to explain your project so we can help you on your way.

How to unpack & cultivate Nativeskin access®?

This video explains how to unpack your NativeSkin access® models when they arrive in your lab. NativeSkin access® models are delivered with a step-by-step user manual to help you on your way to better, more reliable first-in-human data for your drug development or cosmetic project.

Download NativeSkin access® manual


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