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Automated prediction of drug reactogenicity at the site of injection, by combining natural human skin & computational inference of biological pathways.

There is growing interest in the subcutaneous (SC) route of injection among patients, allowing for slow and sustained release of therapeutic molecules into the bloodstream.

This approach empowers patients to self-administer treatment at home. However, the majority of biologics are associated with adverse neuro-inflammatory effects at the site of injection, mediated by secreted cytokines and chemokines. Anticipating these effects prior to clinical trials is critical, especially in a context that closely replicates human biological features.

Objective: Understand biological processes activated by Cetrotide® injection, a medication known for causing edema, redness, itch, and pain at the injection site.
Method: Utilize the ImmunoSafe ISR Platform® integrating HypoSkin®, secretome profiling, and computational analysis across seven distinct donors.
Key Findings:Identified a specific secretomic signature post-Cetrotide® injection, highlighting immune response and neuroinflammatory pathways.
Demonstrated the effectiveness of combining HypoSkin® with computational analysis for preclinical assessment of injection site reactions.

By leveraging HypoSkin® within the ImmunoSafe ISR Platform®, we offer an advanced, human-relevant model to predict and mitigate potential adverse effects, paving the way for safer and more patient-friendly therapeutics.

Poster presented at EUROTOX 2023 highlighting the Power of AUDACY associated with multiplex cytokine analysis

Rapid and Precise Data Analysis: AUDACY swiftly processes large datasets to identify differentially expressed proteins, reducing the potential for human error and significantly accelerating research timelines.
In-depth Biological Insights: By leveraging public literature and databases, AUDACY correlates identified proteins with biological pathways and protein-protein interactions, offering a comprehensive view of potential toxicological effects.

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