More accurate results thanks to better skin models

Genoskin’s mission is to provide researchers in the biopharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industry with the next generation of human skin models and assays for dermatological testing. The skin models that are currently available on the market don’t necessarily take into account the complete metabolism and structure of human skin, which may lead to unreliable test results. Genoskin strives to offer the closest alternative possible to in vivo clinical testing. For more information, please visit our product overview.

Product Overview

Reliable alternative to animal testing

Human skin models as an alternative to animal testing

Genoskin endeavors to reduce animal testing and to offer reliable alternatives. Our current skin models contain no animal products or components and use real human skin that is kept alive for 7 days in a solid and nourishing matrix to allow for repeated drug application. We continuously develop pertinent skin models for all types of applications to help science move forward in an ethical way.

Constant innovation and improvement

We always strive to push boundaries in order to optimize our human skin models and help industries and researchers accurately predict the response of human skin to their products. We’re constantly developing and studying new ways to achieve this goal and we also welcome collaborative projects to this effect, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an interesting idea we can work on together.

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