Incospharm publishes results using NativeSkin®

Incospharm publishes results using NativeSkin®

Korean company Incospharm publishes data generated using our hi-tech human skin assay, NativeSkin®, in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Incospharm developed an innovative complex of peptides meant to stimulate the skin basement membrane proteins expression for anti-aging effects.

The ex vivo evaluation using NativeSkin® confirmed that the topical application of this peptide complex significantly increased the expression of collagen XVII, laminin and nidogen. These results suggest that a peptide complex could improve the structural properties of the dermal-epidermal junction through its ability to stimulate the basement membrane proteins. A clinical study was also performed to confirm the anti-wrinkle properties of the peptide complex.

The full publication is available for free here, if you wish to learn more about this new data.

About Incospharm

Incospharm is a Korean company specialized in the development of peptides for anti-wrinkles, moisturizing, antioxidant and brightening purposes.

NativeSkin®, live and immuncompetent human skin

NativeSkin® is a unique ready-to-use, standardized and immunocompetent human skin assay. The model exhibits normal skin barrier function and holds all cell types and skin appendages that are naturally present in in vivo human skin.

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