Top advantages of ordering NativeSkin access® vs sourcing skin directly from hospitals

Top advantages of ordering NativeSkin access® vs sourcing skin directly from hospitals

Interested in trying NativeSkin access®? Do you still think that sourcing skin samples directly from hospitals is the only valid way? Let us change your mind with these top advantages to ordering  NativeSkin access® online!

NativeSkin access® is a patented human skin model that makes the culture, treatment, and manipulation of human skin easier for research and analysis. NativeSkin access® is a reliable tool for several types of skin tests including efficacy, toxicity, and permeation studies of topically applied actives.

1. Say goodbye to the skin sourcing hassle

We know that sourcing human tissues and complying with ethical and legal requirements can quickly become a nightmare. Managing relationships with hospitals and medical teams, getting IRB approval and patient informed consent, handling last-minute procedures, cancellations, and delays of medical carrier transportation – it’s a full-time job!

Give yourself a break by ordering  NativeSkin access® online; Genoskin takes care of everything. Our biobanking team has developed the widest network of IRB-approved skin sourcing across both Europe and the US. Thanks to them, we have access to human skin samples on a daily basis both in France and in the US. We handle the logistics, ensuring skin reception as quickly as possible after surgery.

2. Safety first

Your safety and the safety of our team is our priority! With NativeSkin access®, you have the guarantee of skin tissues that are negative for HIV-1, HIV-2, Hepatitis B and C. You can conduct your study right away and with a quiet mind, with our team conducting these tests to ensure your safety.

3. Skip the unpleasant work of skin processing

Let’s be honest, processing skin samples is not the nicest work. Arriving at work in the morning with the prospect of manipulating fresh skin samples and removing adipose tissue can be a bit off-putting and unpleasant. Why not skip this step? NativeSkin access® models are standardized and ready-to-use with no additional work needed. You can even start your study within an hour of its arrival.

4. Extra time on your hands

In all, how much time does it take you and your team to source the skin samples, prepare round skin biopsies, and then mount them either into Franz cell chambers or on lens paper placed on a stainless steel grid? We’re willing to bet that preparing 50 skin models amounts to a full day of work .
Do you want to skip all these steps and gain a day? That’s what you’ll get with NativeSkin access®. What would you do if we gave you an extra day?

5. Guaranteed 7 days culture

Our NativeSkin access® models are validated for 7-day-long studies, with the models still reflecting the same histological features as in vivo human skin over this time period. During the 7 days of culture, they will remain alive and functional, allowing for the implementation of time course analyses into your experimental procedures. You will have a real human skin response, every time, no matter what!

6. Immune cells remain active in the skin

In addition to being a physical barrier against the external environment, the skin contains an immune system protecting the body from infection and toxins, and is also involved in the prevention of autoimmunity. Thanks to our patented technology, our models remain immunocompetent for 7 days, meaning that skin resident T cells, Langerhans cells, dermal dendritic cells, macrophages, mast cells, and eosinophils are present and functional. If your study includes sensitization assays, we’ve got you covered!

Convinced? You can easily order NativeSkin access® here.

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