Genoskin at SOT 63rd Annual Meeting and ToxExpo

Genoskin at SOT 63rd Annual Meeting and ToxExpo

Pioneering Human Skin Models for Advanced Toxicology Research

As the world of toxicology convened for the Society of Toxicology 63rd Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, Genoskin was excited to announce its participation in this event, which took place from March 10-14 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City.

This year, Genoskin showcased its cutting-edge non-clinical toxicity services at booth #1525, offering attendees a firsthand look at our innovative solutions designed to revolutionize toxicology research.

The SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo is renowned for being a pivotal gathering of toxicology professionals from around the globe, dedicated to sharing the latest scientific achievements, fostering collaboration, and exploring new frontiers in the field. This year’s conference promised an enriching program filled with insightful presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities, aimed at advancing our understanding and application of toxicological science. For more details about the conference, visit the official website.

At the heart of Genoskin’s presentation was our poster, titled “Decoding Injection Site Reactogenicity and Immunotoxicity: A Novel Approach Integrating Human Skin Models with Pathway Analytics” (poster board P183, abstract #5082), which was scheduled for Thursday, March 14, from 8:30am to 11:30am. This research underscores the importance of predictive models in evaluating the neuro-inflammatory impacts of subcutaneous injections, utilizing our advanced ImmunoSafe platform to provide a comprehensive analysis of drug reactogenicity across multiple human donors.

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Our presence at the SOT 63rd Annual Meeting and ToxExpo was not just an opportunity to share our findings but also to highlight the core offerings that underscore our commitment to advancing toxicology research:

  • ImmunoSafe: Our non-clinical ImmunoSafe ISR platform is at the forefront of assessing the safety and efficacy of injectable drugs, providing invaluable insights into their immunotoxicity and reactogenicity. Learn more about ImmunoSafe.
  • Custom Toxicity Studies: Tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, our custom toxicity studies leverage our Injection Site Reaction Platform to deliver precise and reliable data on drug reactions. Discover more about our custom solutions.
  • Human Mast Cell Platform: Understanding the role of mast cells in drug reactions is crucial, and our platform offers a detailed analysis of mast cell activation, enhancing the predictability of clinical outcomes. Explore our mast cell solutions.

Genoskin’s participation in the SOT 63rd Annual Meeting and ToxExpo is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of toxicology research. By integrating human skin models with advanced analytical pathways, we aim to provide the scientific community with tools that are not only innovative but also highly predictive of human responses and ethically responsible. We look forward to engaging with our peers, collaborators, and the broader scientific community to share insights, foster partnerships, and contribute to the safer development of human therapeutics.

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