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Immunocompetent human skin for vaccine and drug development

Before proceeding to clinical trials in humans, today’s scientists study drug efficacy and toxicity in animals. Even though animal studies clearly raise ethical questions, it is considered even more unethical to conduct studies directly on humans without prior testing. Genoskin provides a unique alternative to animal testing and to human trials, using real, immunocompetent human skin. Why human skin is
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Genoskin launches spatial skin biology platform MANTIS®

PRESS RELEASE - Toulouse, France & Salem, MA, USA - December 6, 2021 GENOSKIN LAUNCHES SPATIAL SKIN BIOLOGY PLATFORM MANTIS® Genoskin launches MANTIS®, a spatial biology imaging platform dedicated to skin immunology. The MANTIS® (Multiplex ANnotated Tissue Imaging System) platform was developed at Infinity (Inserm U1291, France) by a team of experts under the guidance of Dr. Nicolas Gaudenzio, who
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De-risking antiaging trials with ex vivo skin models

Article written by Danny Sullivan and first published in Longevity Technology on October 28th, 2021. The original article is available here. Genoskin can help de-risk antiaging trials with the only live human skin model available for subcutaneous administration testing With its proprietary ex vivo human skin technologies, French partner research organisation Genoskin says it is paving the way to “better,
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Top advantages of ordering NativeSkin access® vs sourcing skin directly from hospitals

Top advantages of ordering NativeSkin access® vs sourcing skin directly from hospitals Interested in trying NativeSkin access®? Do you still think that sourcing skin samples directly from hospitals is the only valid way? Let us change your mind with these top advantages to ordering  NativeSkin access® online! NativeSkin access® is a patented human skin model that makes the culture, treatment,
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Injection site reactions platform

ISR PlatformA PROPRIETARY PLATFORM TO TEST INJECTION SITE REACTIONS IN HUMANS AHEAD OF CLINICAL TRIAL.A NEW PROPRIETARY RESEARCH TOOL TO IDENTIFY MAST CELLS-DEPENDENT & INDEPENDENT INJECTION SITE REACTIONS IN HUMAN SKIN. Today, biologics represent one of the fastest growing markets within the pharmaceutical industry. The pipeline of biological drugs is growing at a rapid pace with a global market expected
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Human connective tissue mast cells

Human connective tissue mast cells A cellular model to better understand the underlying mechanisms of Injection Site Reactions (ISRs) and other severe allergic reactions. Mast cell culture assays are critical to better understand the kinetics and dynamics underlying inflammatory reactions. Genoskin’s team of experts has developed a method to grow connective tissue-type mast cells (CTMCs) derived from the peripheral blood
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