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Ex-vivo Assessment of Anti-Psoriasis Therapeutics

Application Note

Efficacy testing for injectable anti-psoriasis

Anti-psoriasis efficacy testing for injectable drugs

Genoskin’s InflammaSkin® platform features a T-cell driven skin inflammation model with a Th17/Th1 phenotype. It allows research on the efficacy of a drug candidate upon subcutaneous injection. Other models that mimic inflammatory features of psoriasis often lack tissue complexity and diversity of immune cells.

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Efficacy testing for topical anti-psoriasis

Anti-psoriasis efficacy testing for topical drugs

Genoskin helps evaluate the efficacy of anti-psoriasis drugs & compounds using its unique InflammaSkin® psoriasis skin model. Our ex-vivo drug efficacy studies can be conducted for anti-psoriasis treatments that are designed for prophylactic or therapeutic use.

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